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Literacy Game or App: Increase Students' Language Skills

People's Choice Winner & Adjudicator's Choice Winner

Word Avenger

Miami, FL

Explain your business idea. Be sure to describe the product or service and how it works in detail.

In the year of 5015, a massive word boulder is heading to destroy the earth. It is preceded by meteor word showers. The president of the free world has put out a call for individuals to join the WA (Word Avenger) Force. You will need to be trained so you can travel to space to destroy the meteor words. You must destroy all of the meteor words by identifying the words that fit the definition. You have 24 hours accomplish your mission; If you are unsuccessful, the large word boulder will destroy the earth. Describe: 1. The meteor shower will come with words…

How does your idea address the issue defined in the innovation challenge category?

The challenge was to create a game or app for a smartphone or tablet that can help increase students' literacy and language skills in an exciting way. Word Avenger (WA) addresses this challege because it is an interactive app where students form their own WA team where they will travel to space to destroy a meteor word shower that is ascending on earth. Word Avenger is also exciting to play because the players will get a chance to become heroes to save earth while at the same time improving their vocabulary knowledge.

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