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Innovation Day

Innovation Days are exciting one-day events that bring together a group of 20 or more students to complete World Series of Innovation submissions with the help of instructors and volunteers from the community. It is a fun and exciting way to spend your day, dreaming up new and innovative products/services and entering for a chance to win prizes from our sponsors! Download an Innovation Day Overview for more info now!

WHERE: Anyone can host an Innovation Day at their business, office, community group, place of worship or school. You can tailor your date and start time to accommodate your students, volunteers and hosts. Innovation Days typically last about 4 hours.

WHAT: Using the WSI toolkit and Innovation Day materials, volunteers and/or instructors will guide a group through the content and experiential activities. NFTE recommends at least 1 volunteer for every 2 teams of 2 students (4:1 student/volunteer ratio). After covering the content, volunteers and instructors will work with the students to brainstorm their new innovative ideas and complete the World Series of Innovation submission forms. Forms will be submitted online.

HOW: To host an Innovation Day of your own, please follow the directions below to register as an event host and complete the forms. You may create an Innovation Day event that is open to other attendees, or just post one that you’re doing but is closed to outside participants. Either way, we want to know about it! Once you have registered, NFTE will contact you via email with your Innovation Day toolkit. Questions? Contact