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Design a product, service or initiative that empowers individuals and communities to take action on climate change.

Dealing with climate change is perhaps the most urgent of all the Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Goals all address serious threats to humanity, but the clock is ticking on SDG 13 — and if the world doesn't take action to fight climate change and its impacts soon, the results of our inaction could be catastrophic.

The Moody's Foundation Climate Action Challenge asks you to think big about ways that individuals or communities can take action.

Taking measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions is absolutely critical. However, communities also need to take action in other ways, including anticipating the impacts of climate change and preparing to respond, as well as improving resilience and our ability to adapt.

Your innovative idea could be a product or service that helps us reduce our carbon footprint or makes us better prepared to deal with the impacts of climate change. Or, it could be an initiative — such as a public information/awareness campaign aimed at changing the behavior of individuals and families or something like a task force or coalition focused on promoting collaborative action in neighborhoods, cities, states, or nations.

One way to start brainstorming is to consider who your "customer" would be or what particular "need" you want to solve. Here are some thought-starters:

  • Do you want to focus on your own family, friends and neighbors or are you more concerned about another community? 
  • Do you want to help fight the causes of climate change or help people deal with the impacts?
  • Are you interested in how a particular industry might be impacted? Say, for example, transportation, agriculture or manufacturing?
  • Are you interested in how different geographic regions might be impacted? Do you think the greatest impact will be in urban areas or rural communities? In coastal areas or deserts?
  • Are you more concerned about impacts that will change the way of life in developed nations or more interested in the impact on developing nations?

Moody's Foundation

Moody’s believes in a world where more people have access to opportunity, and where everyone has what they need to grow and thrive. We are committed to opening the door to a better future through our global corporate social responsibility programs empowering people around the world with the knowledge, resources and confidence they need to succeed. For more information visit

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We at Moody's care about activating an environmentally sustainable future. Issues such as climate change and natural resource conservation require an answer that extends far beyond volunteerism, and our expertise in credit ratings, research and risk analysis gives Moody’s a unique platform from which to contribute to a larger solution. We also care about helping young people reach their potential. Programs such as the World Series of Innovation give us an opportunity to challenge young entrepreneurs to think about some of the biggest challenges facing the world: the Global Goals.

Gus Harris / Executive Director, Moody's Analytics

Moody's Foundation Climate Action Challenge Finalists

Explore the top entries in the Moody's Foundation Climate Action Challenge.

  • BioStation, a solution reducing single-use plastics in hotels and providing convenient refills for consumers, reducing plastics in landfills. **RUNNER UP**
  • BondFlow, a solution promoting investment in sustainability by allowing investors to verify the impact of "green" bonds. **WINNER**
  • Clean Architecture, building products made from recycled plastic that enable home builders to develop affordable, sustainable housing.
  • Eco-Bond, a long-term tax exemption for viable "green" projects that would be structured like a bond and tradable in a secondary market.
  • Green Neighbor, a service that collects and repurposes packing materials, helping those who make online purchases recycle.
  • Mika, an eco-friendly delivery service to help online retailers reduce their carbon footprint and help consumers go green and earn discounts.
  • NoReceipts, a digital receipts solution to help retailers reduce their carbon footprint, save trees, lessen water use, and reduce plastic waste.
  • Tree Sox, a tree-saving product made from recycled fabric that protects trees from pine beetles and other harmful insects and insulates against cold.
  • Treecycle, a mobile app that incentivizes recycling through gamification, letting users "grow: virtual trees, collect points and win real seedlings to plant.
  • Youth Climate Action Coalition, a student-led advocacy group with 7,000 members at 16 schools in 4 states and 3 countries. **RUNNER UP**

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