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Design a product, service or initiative that enhances the wellbeing of children and teens living with a physical or mental illness or disability.

SDG 3 addresses health and wellbeing in general. This challenge focuses specifically on the wellbeing of young people. What's your big idea to improve the lives of children and teens living with disease, injury or disability or facing social/emotional challenges?

Resonance Philanthropies challenges you to think BIG and come up with an innovative approach. It can be technology-based — an app, a game, an online community or resource — or it can be something else entirely, such as a solution that bridges the virtual and physical worlds.

Here are some examples of ideas that improved the health and wellbeing of young people:

  • is driven by a simple mission: #SoEveryoneCanGame. The organization not only brings together a passionate online community, it improves the daily lives of gamers of all ages who are living with disabilities.
  • The award-winning mobile game Shadow's Edge, part of the Digging Deep Project, helps young adults living with chronic health conditions fight isolation and develop resilience through a gaming experience based on positive psychology and creative expression.
  • A free app called Calm Harm provides in-the-moment aid to those who battle powerful urges to self-harm, offering timed 5- and 15-minute activities that can help teens find healthier ways to handle emotions and manage impulses.
  • The organization Active Minds provides young people with straightforward information about mental health conditions and fights stigma in everyday life by connecting young people through a campus-based, peer-to-peer network.
  • The organization engages, educates and empowers young people dealing with dating violence and abusive relationships by providing online resources as well as free and confidential phone, chat and text services.
  • The Lemonade Days fundraising model, inspired by 8-year-old Alexandra Scott, helps nonprofit organizations raise money for research into childhood cancers with lemonade stands, a tribute to the legacy of Alex and her original front lawn lemonade stand.

What's your innovative idea to improve the lives of youth facing physical or mental health challenges?

Resonance Philanthropies

Resonance Philanthropies is a donor-advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which supports initiatives in children’s health and other passions of the founder and her family.

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We believe youth around the world are entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers. The World Series of Innovation challenges are a way to inspire new ways of thinking by asking young people to envision solutions to some of the most important problems we face today.

Sheri Sobrato Brisson / Co-Founder, Resonance Philanthropies

Resonance Philanthropies Youth Wellbeing Challenge Finalists

Explore the top entries in the Resonance Philanthropies Youth Wellbeing Challenge.

  • Clothief , upcycled and sustainably sourced adaptive clothing for the differently abled.
  • Cognality, a virtual reality app for autistic children that heads off meltdowns and offers calm and comfort. **RUNNER UP**
  • Depression Detector, a mobile app that uses natural language processing and machine learning to diagnose depression more accurately than the leading screener.
  • Dollar Donations, a donation platform for small ($1 plus) donations that creates a giving community and helps young people unite to support change.
  • Handibandi , an ingenious hair accessory for the young or disabled that only takes one hand to secure.
  • PeakVR, a virtual reality app that helps youth with dyscalculia experience a world of fun mathematics and learn concepts they've struggled with.
  • ReThink, a cyberbullying solution that works across email, texting, and social media apps by detecting offensive messages before they're posted. **WINNER**
  • ReVision, a wearable device that employs radio frequency identification to provide a navigation system for the visually impaired.
  • Seeing for the Blind, a high tech wearable device that uses echolocation and machine learning to help the visually impaired navigate. **RUNNER UP**
  • VisionaryEye, a "smart spectacle" that analyzes video inputs and synthesizes speech to guide a blind child wearing wireless earbuds.

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