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Design an affordable solution that encourages individuals, businesses, or governments to reduce carbon emissions in local communities.

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The United Nations recently reported that in order to limit the effects of global warming, global carbon emissions must be reduced by 45 percent by the year 2030 and reach net-zero by the year 2050. Across the globe, individuals, businesses, and governments have beefed up their commitments to advance climate action by finding ways to adapt, transition, and overcome the effects of global carbon emissions.

A key component of SDG 7 is the transition to newer and cleaner forms of energy to reduce the level of carbon emissions in our environment. Affordability remains at the forefront of the challenge as the world realizes differences in access to efficient energy sources, innovative community research, and commitments by large corporations.  Making progress on SDG 7 requires innovative ideas and there's a good chance that some game-changing ideas will originate with young innovators like you because some of the most exciting opportunities are in local communities.

The challenge is to consider innovative, yet affordable ways that individuals, businesses, or governments can reduce the level of carbon emissions to meet the goal to a low-emission and climate-resilient future.

Not sure how to dig in?

Consider where are you emitting the most carbon? Where do you use the most energy? What steps can you, your school, or your community take to reduce emissions?

To get a rough estimate, calculate your carbon footprint here.

Whether you're in middle school, high school or college, there are likely many ways that your school community could be part of the clean energy solution. How can you identify those opportunities? You might start by thinking about your own school day and how you yourself consume energy. Or you might consider the activities that are going on around you and the ways you see energy being consumed by others.

And, if you need more motivation, consider this: investment in clean energy could play a huge role in economic recovery. If you're in a neighborhood that's been hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic-related recession, your solution could be just the thing to put us on track to reach net-zero by 2050.

Consider some examples of how these actors are cutting carbon emissions to secure a net-zero future:

  • Data centers have played a tremendous impact on global emissions as the computing process necessary to store the world's growing data requires large space, computing power, energy, and cooling solutions. Check out how OneAsia is testing new cooling solutions in Hong Kong to increase energy efficiency.
  • The Olkaria Geothermal Project in Kenya harnesses the geothermal energy stored in geothermal vents to generate up to a quarter of Kenya's clean energy.
  • Puerto Rican company GKP is discovering ways to collect wasted kinetic energy in city traffic. Traffic Energy Bar System (TEBS) is a mechanical device that is buried into a road, protruding less than an inch above the surface. As a car drives over, it pushes down on two receptor bars, which turns a generator and produces power.
  • A Florida startup, Blue Frontier, has designed a new method of air conditioning that dramatically reduces the amount of energy needed to cool buildings .
  • Albuquerque Public School system will use over 2,000 solar panels in Arisco Heritage Academy to provide electricity to the state's largest high school.


We make the world work better for everyone. At ServiceNow, our dream is to be the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century. This includes creating an impact beyond our four walls to enable everyone to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical world. Learn more at

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"ServiceNow is committed to decarbonization. Our efforts and reporting, grounded in science, focus on key initiatives that result in real outcomes and a positive impact on our environment. We are excited to have curious young minds join us in coming up with innovative solutions to minimizing the harmful effects of climate change."

Emer Clarke / Sr. Manager, Environmental Sustainability

I want to reduce carbon emissions now!

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