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How The World Series of Innovation Works...

It's a group thing.

It’s easier to be creative when you have a buddy to brainstorm with. Each student must grab a creative partner (or two!) to form a team. Each team should then select a challenge to address.

As the name suggests, World Series Innovation celebrates innovation! We encourage students to think outside the box and aim to provide new solutions to the challenges presented.

*Teams should have at least two but no more than three members, age 13-24.

Get creative and brainstorm.

NFTE has some warm-up materials that will help you enter creative mode. Download the toolkit here. We recommend using at least 90 minutes to prepare for the challenge and at least another 90 minutes for brainstorming and submissions. This includes creating a commercial storyboard and script for a 60-second commercial, then recording your commercial.

Tell your story on the big screen.

Completed submissions, including the 60-second commercial, are due by April 24, 2019. A panel of judges will select the top ten submissions in each challenge category.

Into the home stretch.

From the top ten submissions, three category finalists will be chosen by a committee of elite judges from the sponsoring organization. The three finalists will go head-to-head in a public, online vote. The people's choice voting will be combined with the judges' scores to select one winning team in each challenge.

How does scoring work?

In the World Series of Innovation toolkit, you will find a Submission Form Worksheet. Judges will rate each pitch by scoring responses to each numbered question on this worksheet.

Life is good at the top.

The winning team in each category will receive a prize of $1,500 to share, plus a prize of $500 payable to their school or other community nonprofit organization. If a winning team is not affiliated with a school or nonprofit, they may choose a school or nonprofit to receive this portion of the prize.

Runners up will receive a prize of $300 for the team to share.

About WSI

Businesses solve problems. Why not follow in the footsteps of SpaceX, TOMS, and others, using your entrepreneurial mindset to help solve big problems and help others?

Every year, NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) invites teams of students ages 13-24 to practice thinking of original ways to help solve global goals that the United Nations has identified as the largest and most serious challenges to humanity. Prizes range from $300 to $1,500 per team.

WSI Toolkit Download

Download a complete kit of resources including curriculum, interactive activities and games, and a submission worksheet here.

Download Toolkit:

Check out the goals behind these challenges!