World Series of InnovationWSI


NFTE’s World Series of Innovation (WSI) celebrates global entrepreneurship and the power of your idea.

Take on a challenge

Learn how to recognize opportunities and use your creativity to solve problems.

Every fall, NFTE (that's the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship!) gets ready to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by launching a new set of challenges in the NFTE World Series of Innovation. We invite young people to think big and come up with ideas for tackling the most important issue of our time: what society can do to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Entrepreneurs and innovators ages 13 to 24 are urged to put their creativity to the test by coming up with solutions to advance the Global Goals.

Grow your mindset

Practice design thinking and develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

Research shows that developing the entrepreneurial mindset — a set of skills including initiative, flexibility, creativity, opportunity recognition, future orientation, problem solving, and critical thinking — uniquely prepares young people for lifelong success.

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Dig deeper

Still wondering we mean by the entrepreneurial mindset?

Explore the eight NFTE entrepreneurial mindset domains and hone your skills with some fun, interactive quizzes.

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About NFTE

We believe entrepreneurial mindset is the key to success in business and in life.

NFTE partners with thousands of schools, youth development organizations and community groups in communities across the U.S. and abroad to offer a unique set of high-impact entrepreneurship education programs based on our innovative, experiential curriculum, which integrates lean startup tools and methodologies with project-based learning. Since our founding, we've served well over a million students.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Together, the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals form a roadmap to a better future. They not only call for us to protect the planet, but also to ensure that all people enjoy equality, prosperity, peace, and justice.

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SDG 1No Poverty

Encouraging women to start small businesses

Explore the world of NFTE

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