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How to Compete

Explore the nine sustainability-themed innovation challenges in this competition cycle and see what grabs your interest.

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    Pick a challenge

    Which of the challenges gets your brain ticking and your creativity flowing?

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    Click Get Started to register, then start the rapid ideation! Set a timer and come up with as many ideas as you can in short order. Pick the best one to submit. You can ask a teacher or coach to help you brainstorm, but the idea you ultimately submit should be your own original work.

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    Submit your idea

    Click Get Started to log in to your competition dashboard then fill out the online entry form, describing your idea and how it works. Submit whenever you're ready. You can do it all in one session or save your work and come back later to finish. Just be sure to submit by the December 16 deadline!

Hold onto your hats. It’s time to start brainstorming! Now’s the time to go big and bold with your ideas and get wildly creative.

Exciting times! The judges are now taking a first look at your work. Good luck, everyone!

Are you in it to win it? It’s time for our finalists to crush it in the one-minute video round.

The heat is on! The judges are breaking out the scorecards and the popcorn.

Congratulations to every WSI competitor and especially our winners!

December 16

Throw your hat in the ring by registering to participate in the World Series of Innovation then start brainstorming. Submit your best idea by December 16.

January 21

All first round submissions are evaluated by a panel of judges who've been trained on the judging rubric. The Top 10 entries in each challenge category advance to the final round on January 21.

February 11

Finalists get a chance to shoot a one-minute video "commercial" or "elevator pitch" for their idea and convince the judges they deserve to win the big prize in their challenge category. Videos due February 11.

March 18

A select group of final-round judges watches all the one-minute videos submitted by finalists, scores them, then winners are determined for each challenge based on cumulative total scores. Winners announced March 18.

September 15

The next challenge begins September 15! In the meantime, explore the winning ideas and stay tuned for news about the Fall 2020 WSI challenges.

Game Is On!


Who can compete?

Young People 13–24

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 24 is eligible to compete, and you can nominate any young innovators you know so they get a special invitation!


Teams of 1, 2 or 3

Sign up to compete solo (as a mighty team of one!) or invite a friend or two to join you. Teams of one, two or three people are welcome to compete.


Three prizes awarded for each challenge category

The top-scoring idea in each category receives a cash prize of $1800. The next two highest scoring ideas in a challenge category each receive a $300 cash prize.

Previous Winners


An iron supplement drink created for women to help combat widespread iron deficiencies. Named after the scientific name for iron and symbolizing unity among women: “For us.”

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