WSI Mastercard Financial Education Challenge - 2022, SDG 4WSI

The Mastercard Financial Education Challenge - 2022 winners are announced! See them here

Congratulations to Winners and Finalists in the 2022 Challenge Season!

Here are the top competitors in the 2022-23 academic year NFTE World Series of Innovation.

Mastercard Financial Education Challenge - 2022

The Challenge: Design a solution to promote, educate, or increase access to financial literacy in your community.


  • First Place: Project Radha , advances SDG 4 by developing financial literacy workshops and resources for underprivileged teens in India. Developed by 16-year-old Vikashini Sundar, 16-year-old Shivani VN Dogiparthi, and 16-year-old Tanish Hinduja from Inventure Academy in India. See their video here.
  • Second Place: $amigo, advances SDG 4 by designing an interactive video game that helps young adults gain financial awareness by simulating real-world financial situations. Developed by 14-year-old Poojha Suresh Kumar and 14-year-old Aanjuli Das from Irvington High School in California. See their video here.
  • Third Place: PocketPal, advances SDG 4 by creating an online platform with plug-and-play lessons for educators that teach young people financial basics. Developed by 16-year-old Anish Madireddy, 17-year-old Justin Wang, 17-year-old Shaomin Kee, and 16-year-old Hanming Sun from Lambert High School in Georgia. See their video here.


  • Bread & Dough, advances SDG 4 by launching a nonprofit that offers video game financial competitions for scholarship prizes. Developed by a 17-year-old Ashley Liang, 17-year-old Carmen Ng, and 17-year-old Martin Chi Luu from Abraham Lincoln High School in California.
  • CredX, advances SDG 4 by creating a gamified financial literacy platform that offers engaging and informative financial education on topics. Developed by 15-year-old Abhinav Gorrepati from Silver Creek High School in California. See their video here.
  • Dependable DeFi, advances SDG 4 by developing a series of curricula which provides education on crypto wallets. Developed by 19-year-old Robin Ye and 19-year-old Bryan Ng Wee Lok from Singapore. See their video here.
  • Dhoondo, advances SDG 4 by connecting a community of social workers that uses existing governmental infrastructures to bolster financial literacy in under resourced communities. Developed by 16-year-old Parth Bansal from The Shri Ram School in India. See their video here.
  • EduMaster, advances SDG 4 by designing financial literacy learning packages for underprivileged women. Developed by 14-year-old Aditi Madhukar Dhakappa The International School Bangalore in India. See their video here.
  • FEST+, advances SDG 4 by launching an education service camp that promotes the ideas of financial education to teenagers. Developed by 15-year-old Angel Chew, 15-year-old Nina Chang, and 15-year-old Winnie Lo from Kang Chiao International School in Taiwan. See their video here.
  • Mi Rico Tio, advances SDG 4 by developing a mobile app to provide Spanish-language financial assistance to Hispanic immigrant families. Developed by 14-year-old Paul Fuller from Coral Gables Senior High School in Florida. See their video here.

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