WSI Maxar Climate Mapping Challenge - 2022, SDG 13WSI

The Maxar Climate Mapping Challenge - 2022 winners are announced! See them here

Congratulations to Winners and Finalists in the 2022 Challenge Season!

Here are the top competitors in the 2022-23 academic year NFTE World Series of Innovation.

Maxar Climate Mapping Challenge - 2022

The Challenge: Design a solution using maps and satellite imagery that helps communities understand and adapt to the impact of climate change.


  • First Place: GeoMosquito, advances SDG 13 by machnig learning and satellite data to draw connections between climate change, mosquito populations, and disease outbreaks. Developed by 16-year-old Gabrielle Wong from Wycombe Abbey in the United Kingdom. See their video here.
  • Second Place: 20/5 Vision, advances SDG 13 by using infrared imaging instruments to measure the amount of water in the soil surface to estimate crop yields. Developed by 18-year-old Junelle Wong from Howard University in the District of Columbia. See their video here.
  • Third Place: SaVR, advances SDG 13 by using climate data in an immersive VR experience to provide educational resources about climate change. Developed by 16-year-old Alan Zeng, 16-year-old Nathan Huang, and 16-year-old Jayden Lei from Abraham Lincoln High School in California. See their video here.


  • Aquafront, advances SDG 13 by developing an app that tracks soil moisture and water pressure to predict natural disasters. Developed by 17-year-old Evan Khym from Groton School in Massachusetts. See their video here.
  • HealthiAir, advances SDG 13 by developing a consumer-facing mobile application that tracks air pollution measurements. Developed by 16-year-old Kyleen Liao from Saratoga High School in California. See their video here.
  • Hurricane Help, advances SDG 13 by creating an app that offers evacuation resources and maps to communities in hurricane paths. Developed by 14-year-old Raymond Feng, 14-year-old Kate Yang, 14-year-old Alyssa Yang, and 14-year-old Samik Shyamsukha from Monta Vista High School in California. See their video here.
  • InfernoEyes, advances SDG 13 by harnessing thermal satellite data to predict and identify wildfires. Developed by 17-year-old Aaron Chen 17-year-old Nima Alizadeh, and 17-year-old Evan Huey from Abraham Lincoln High School in California.
  • Magnify, advances SDG 13 by downscaling existing global climate models to provide relevant regional climate models in smaller countries. Developed by 19-year-old Robin Ye from Singapore. See their video here.
  • Oceanwatch, advances SDG 13 by creating a service that uses a satellite imaging system to notify ocean and marine life-related non-profit organizations about current and emerging problems in the ocean. Developed by 16-year-old Tien Ma, 16-year-old Nicole Ta, and 16-year-old Peyton Li from Abraham Lincoln High School in California. See their video here.
  • Solar Satellite, advances SDG 13 by utilizing satellite imagery to scan suitable solar farming sites. Developed by 16-year-old Ritika Samant, 16-year-old Aaditya Sethi, 16-year-old Daryl Jones, and 16-year-old Thomas Cung from Santa Teresa High School in California. See their video here.

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