WSI ServiceNow Carbon Killer Challenge - 2022, SDG 7WSI

The ServiceNow Carbon Killer Challenge - 2022 winners are announced! See them here

Congratulations to Winners and Finalists in the 2022 Challenge Season!

Here are the top competitors in the 2022-23 academic year NFTE World Series of Innovation.

ServiceNow Carbon Killer Challenge - 2022

The Challenge: Design an affordable solution that encourages individuals, businesses, or governments to reduce carbon emissions in local communities.


  • First Place: Go Green Filter, advances SDG 7 by designing algae filters that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen in exhaust pipes. Developed by 16-year-old Jack Reichert and 16-year-old Rohan Kapoor from Unionville High School in Pennsylvania. See their video here.
  • Second Place: Fire Guys, advances SDG 7 by creating thermal stickers that can detect risk of wildfires. Developed by 16-year-old Ashutosh Kumar, 16-year-old Kyle Kim, 16-year-old Gabe Manglona, and 16-year-old Koleman Chang from Santa Teresa High School in California. See their video here.
  • Third Place: FoodPrint AI, FoodPrint AI, advances SDG 7 by developing a mobile app that tracks the carbon footprint of foods to help consumers make responsible consumption choices. Developed by 16-year-old Gabrielle Wong, from Wycombe Abbey in the United Kingdom.


  • CoffeeForPet, advances SDG 7 by converting coffee waste and seeds in a compostable cup as a pet waste solution. Developed by 16-year-old Daniel Park from Philllips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. See their video here.
  • ECOmmunity, advances SDG 7 by developing a neighborhood-friendly carpool app that helps reduce carbon emissions from traffic. Developed by 16-year-old Annabelle Huang and 17-year-old Amanda Diao from Mounds View High School in Minnesota. See their video here.
  • Ethible, advances SDG 7 by connecting food producers to consumers in an online market to reduce food waste. Submitted by a team from New Jersey.
  • Footprint, advances SDG 7 by developing a mobile app that allows user to track their daily carbon consumption and buy/sell carbon credits. Developed by 20-year-old Brent Piper from Howard University in the District of Colombia. See their video here.
  • HydroCell, advances SDG 7 by building a smart hydrogen gas energy storage system that helps consumers shift electricity sources during peak electric pricing hours. Developed by 15-year-old Eric Gu and 14-year-old Ethan Blacker from the Brentwood School in California. See their video here.
  • SunShutters, SunShutters, advances SDG 7 by creating autonomous solar shades in cars to reduce the reliance on air conditioning. Developed by 16-year-old Andy Wei and 16-year-old Ameya Apte from Stephen F. Austin High School in Texas. See their video here.
  • Swappable, Swappable, advances SDG 7 by designing modular smartphones with interchangeable and replaceable parts that reduce electronic waste. Developed by 16-year-old Justin Park from Saint Paul Preparatory in South Korea. See their video here.

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